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About Us

trade name C4 Corporation
established April 1 , 2008
capital 8,000,00yen

Akiko Kanja











Technical Fellow

Minoru Kanja



Graduated Nagoya University, Engineering.Supporting design divisions with FEA in Automobile companies.

1990 Joined SDRC Japan branch office. Giving the consulting to a lot of Electric and machining compnaies.In Kubota Solid Technology Co., Making a market of many of brand new products like SolidWorks,CosmosW,SmarTeam,TaSysWorks and 3G.author in Japan
2006 Established 3Ga Japan Co and took up CEO.
2008 Established C4 Co. to provide CAE service instead of providing of CAE tool for any designers.


Nobutoshi Yoshimura


1963 Graduated Tokyo University, Engineering.
1970 Got a PhD at Kawai Laboratory in Tokyo University. Worked for Taisei Construction, JFE and Kubota Solid Technology.


Address 856-704 Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku , Yokohama , Japan 223-0057  TEL&FAX +81-45-211-9911

Consulting:In order for many Designers to use CAE correctly

1) We provide consulting service how to use CAE effectively, which CAE tool is the best for the company and how the customers should provide boundary conditions for their products in CAE to manufacturing companies.
2) We can make a customer's own training text of their CAE tool to let designers use CAE effectivly.And also we can provide special training to the customers.

Communications:In order to let designers know CAE more

(Seminar) 1) CAE Basic seminar
2) CAE Dynamics seminar
3) CAE Thermal seminar
(Alliance) 1) Alliance with CAE/CAD vendors
2) Alliance with CAE/CAD sales companies
(others) Evaluation and market research of CAE/CAD products in the world and support product marketing in Asia pacific business.